Acrylic art

look at my beautiful painting !

Acrylic art

art work in acrylic

fish bowl ! (art by kindergartner)

i love sea !

so yummy !! (in acrylic)

8th grader's art in acrylic !

abstract art of 7th grader

kindergartner's art

8th grader's work in acrylic

oil painting (7th grader)

dream big ! Acrylic work by Kindergartner

I just love to paint sky ! (first grader)

stay focused !

I always surprise my parents & friends! - 2nd grader !

love birds - (Knife art of 8th grader)

second grader art in acrylic !

This is how i create my dream !

Pre -K & first grade

students working in my studio !

unbelievable !! 2nd grader art in acrylic !

8th grader art in knife painting !

Volunteering art at a senior place !

Volunteering art session at a senior place !

Montessori kid's art in acrylic !

Kindergartner's art in acrylic

my second art in acrylic !

work in process- 7th grader art in oil painting

One of my abstract collection ! 7th grader, oil painting

Ladybug art in acrylic

wow...look at my dragonfly !

Proud moments to myself & parents ! (4 day workshop)

I'm lost in this !- 7th grader with acrylic art

don't underestimate us- we are in healthy competition ! ( pre-K)

Spring break 4 day workshop of kids in acrylic ! ( Pre-k, 7th grader and 5th grader)

second grader art in acrylic

Pre-K artwork in acrylic

Pre-K art in acrylic !

Everyone get surprised in my work !- (second grader with oil painting)

just started to learn my dream- Pre- K

To some it's just water, to me it's my passion !- (six grader art in oil painting )

Kindergartner art in acrylic

Pre-K art work of jelly fish in acrylic

my dream art- 6th grader

music with art !

age is not a matter, it's all about passion to learn ! Kindergartne'sr art !

for my school project !

5th grader art work in acrylic

6th grader art work in acrylic