i hope it will turn to a penguin !

Photography or art ? -by Vidya Vinod

look at my smile !

who is hiding behind the tree !

My second art work !

Me & my work - learning to focus !

Art by Preschool kids

Yummy !! - by Jason

I'm so proud of my work !

This is my happiness - art by Shakthi

unseen but always near ...( My Art)

dream catcher !

Reason behind our smile !

This is something amazing !

trying another abstract art

My dream catcher

Busy Saturday - first session of art class

welcome to the world of colors

Congrats Vibu !! Ready for intermediate level !!!

Our first art work !!! We did it !!

finally i did it !! - 8th grader

My first art display by Anirudh !!!

First place in Alameda County Fair- Congrats !!

My Octopus - by first grader

work in process...

first grader's art in acrylic

second grader !

Congrats Anirudh !!!! ( selected as the school cover book picture from Mission Sanjose Elementary - 2019)

I did it....

by seventh grader- preparing for high school elective

Oil painting

i love painting animals

acrylic art by second grader

learning abstract by second graders

acrylic art by 7th grader

it's beautiful to watch moon- acrylic art by Kindergartner

my cute little puppy by Kindergartner

team work by elementary kids

acrylic art by second grader